2018 – 2019 Literacy Night

Texas PTA’s 2018-19 Shirley Igo Award Recipient

Brennan’s 2nd Annual Literacy Night attracted community members of all ages to come together in a carnival-like setting to celebrate literacy! The event is totally student-run as six student organizations participated. This year an additional four student clubs and the Brennan PTSA joined in and we saw our numbers more than triple the previous year’s turn out, with over 600 people attending! Dr. John Trimble,
principal of Brennan HS, remarked, “It is great to see families attending together, spending time sharing their love of learning.” The event is the brainchild of Brennan’s librarian, Harry Ostlund whose original intent was to showcase Brennan’s 21st century library as a mecca for literacy. The PTSA supported the Brennan Literacy
Night by bundling over five thousand books that were donated courtesy of Half Price Books. The PTSA heavily promoted the event sharing the event and fliers with all elementary and middle feeder schools and their respective PTAs. Additionally the Brennan PTSA provided a photo booth as a background for students to pose with superheros so that they could post their photos to social media to promote the event. Finally the PTSA set up their own booth at literacy night in which parents were able to take a digital survey allowing them to give feedback to the librarian about what was successful and what could enrich the event for next year. The PTSA
booth included contests that attracted students of all ages and coloring sheets that were related to literary characters, in addition to creating and distributing bookmarks. Overall we had over 600 total attendees and distributed over 5,000 books to students, in one fabulous night.

What a Fun Time!